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Tactical Opportunities Credit

Focused on dynamically capturing compelling risk-adjusted returns across public and private performing credit globally.

The Opportunistic Credit Strategy seeks to capitalize on opportunities across the entirety of the performing credit spectrum with a flexible mandate, investing in private and public credit markets globally.  It focuses on a combination of current income and capital appreciation.

This strategy leverages the entirety of Ischyros' platform to source unique opportunities in both volatile and more benign market environments. It also integrates ESG factors in its investment analysis by limiting or restricting investments in certain issuers based on specified socially responsible investing considerations. 

We invest dynamically across a broad universe of performing credit instruments.

We launched the Tactical and Opportunistic Credit Strategy to capitalize on the sharp dislocation in performing credit markets caused by the economic impact of COVID-19 with a focus on investment grade, high yield, leveraged loans and structured credit.

Tactical and Opportunistic Credit Strategy

The Opportunistic Credit Strategy seeks to capitalize on lending opportunities across the entirety of the credit spectrum in all geographic markets.

  • Special Situations Lending – growth lending and other corporate, private credit

  • Capital and Liquidity Solutions – stressed/distressed and rescue financings 

  • Asset-Based Lending & Structured Credit - mispriced securitizations and direct loans collateralized by hard assets, including real estate

  • Tactical Performing Credit – primary and secondary dislocations in liquid credit markets

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