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Global Drawdown Strategy

Ischyros launched its Global Drawdown Strategy in 2022 as a way to capitalize on longer duration opportunities arising from dislocations in the credit markets. We believe this strategy benefits from our vast experience investing in bankruptcies, restructurings, litigations and structured credit. We are focused on idiosyncratic, complex and process-driven investment opportunities which require exceptional sourcing capabilities and extensive legal and analytical skills. 

Current themes include: sector dislocations due to shifting supply/demand dynamics or industry disruption; liquidity needs such as bridge, rescue, or asset-backed financing; forced selling stemming from maturities/other deadlines, allocation constraints or strategy changes; and complex situations such as multi-layered capital structures or cross-border and multi-jurisdictional issues.

The Global Drawdown Strategy seeks to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns primarily by making investments in three primary areas:

  • Stressed and Distressed Corporates

  • Structured Credit and Asset-Backed Investments

  • Claims and Claim-Related Investments

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