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Ischyros New York: Unlocking Value in Global Financial Markets

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Ischyros New York Platform

The Ischyros platform which operates the Ischyros Global Macro Hedge Fund, INY GGI Private Markets Fund and the INY GD Fund of Funds amongst several other vehicles enjoys a rich network of global relationships with operators and marquee institutions. With an AUM of over USD 4 Billion, we make transformational investments in assets and fund managers that have the potential to generate risk-adjusted market-beating returns for our limited partners. Our dedicated team is made up of seasoned investors who are constantly scanning the global markets to partner with hard-working, visionary operators across various asset classes.


The Clubhouse Mayfair, 50 Grosve, Grosvenor Hill, London, W1K 3QT

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Ischyros New York L.P. and its funds are regulated and governed by regulators of their respective domiciles. 
Ischyros does not solicit investments/securities via the internet.

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